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GS Automation was founded by HVAC professionals to provide Building Automation Systems, specializing in the control & monitoring of HVAC systems.

GS Automation has successfully completed a full range of projects ranging from large commercial complexes to hospital operating rooms and critical data centers where reliability, repeatability and site support cannot be second best. Often in a project, be it a commercial complex, or a critical integrated facility, the project requires the architect, engineers, supplier manufacturers, construction managers, contractors, and system integrators to work hand-in-hand throughout the design and build stages. Selecting the right system and controls integrator is the key because when the project is finished the owner/system integrator relationship continues. The consultants and contractors move on, leaving the owner relying on the system integrator for long-term support. That's why our clients have insisted that the GS Automation team be involved in the earliest planning phase of each project, and stay involved throughout the life of the system, providing ongoing consulting and maintenance services.




Commercial and Industrial Building Automation System applications often require a clear understanding of the type of use, schedules, operational efficiency and "people factors" such as human comfort levels, lighting and most importantly, the quality of the indoor air and environment they work in. We take these and many other factors into consideration when working with design professionals and our customers on their new or existing building to be retrofitted.

Government and Municipal Facilities often require considerable upfront effort in the design and layout of a Building Automation System due to special purpose control applications, network security concerns and installation coordination in occupied high security sites. Our talented and experienced team know what it takes to move a project from concept through completion within this unique environment.

Schools and Universities provide a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for customer oriented Systems Integration and Solutions providers. Whether we are looking at a single building, or a campus sprawling across town, our control and integration professionals have the time and experience needed to excel and exceed our customers expectations.

Healthcare Facilities often pose a unique challenge to the systems integrator, simply because most building automation systems are not designed to handle the wide-ranging control applications required in this type of facility. This system typically must provide comfort conditioning, isolation area pressurization control / monitoring, and clean, healthy air delivery. It needs to be accurate, robust and reliable under the worst-case conditions. Our systems meet the specialized needs of this type of environment with enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, so you can be sure that any abnormal condition will be documented and reported before it becomes a critical situation.